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Where is, Motherland?, 2018

Headdresses were worn to mark royalty and to perform with in ceremonies during Egyptian times.

This headdress is handcrafted and adorned in pistachio nut casings, rattling in the silence of the gallery space.

In response to the autumn exhibition 2018, Nashashibi/Skaer: Thinking Through Other Artists and discussions led by artist-researcher, Isabel Lima, 'Where is, Motherland?' was a 15-minute performance shown at Tate St Ives on November 24, 2018. Familiar and unfamiliar movements gradually intensify throughout the duration of the piece, unfolding against the backdrop of Elena Narbutaite's Fools, amongst other works. The gallery space is awakened by the sound of the pistachio shells swaying or shaking with rise and fall.

Photographed by Ian Kingsnorth 

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